A unique know how

Crambes was acknowledged as a Living Heritage Company by the Finance Ministry. It makes 50000  items a year. It works for a lot of famous companies, notably in the luxury sector. It also has its own brand name.


Hats per week


Passionate employees.


Pieces per year

Quality as a priority

Crambes has developed a first class line of felt hats which are both beautiful and very durable. The fur felt hats (rabbit, hare, beaver) which have an excellent appearance, also offer an efficient protection against rain.

The « crushable’ woollen felt hats resist being folded and even squashed in the lockers of aeroplanes. They recover their initial shape in a jiffy.

Crambes takes great care in the making of all their hats, whether in fabric, panama, leather or skin

Our Clients

We work with over 500 retailers in France and abroad.

Famous French luxury brands are among our clients.


We conduct research and development for designers.

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